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    General forum rules

    Post by Mc Mehdi on Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:24 pm

    - = Welcome to the TiTaN-GaminG forum = -

    To participate as a member in the forum, you have to respect the rules of the forum. In case of violation the forum rules, a member receives adequate punishment, which can be written warning, warn, time ban or permanent ban.

    Forum rules:

    • This rule is not mandatory, but it is certainly desirable to do as a new member of our community is to introduce yourself to the other members of the forum by writing new topic in "Member introduction" subforum.
    • It is forbidden to spam with posts, except in the parts of the forum where it is allowed(OFF TOPIC).
    Moderators have the right to remove any posts that they think is meaningless and have nothing to do with the topic.
    When setting up new topic make sure that the similar topic doesn't already exists somewhere on the forum, to avoid duplication of topics.
    • It is strictly forbidden any discussion related to politics!
    • It is forbidden to to insult other members and threating to them. Any controversy you can resolve in private messages or outside the forum. For a violation of this rule you can get warn, time or perm ban.
    • It is forbidden to post any offensive images and other material that has nothing to do with the content with the topic.
    • It is forbidden to advertise other servers and forums, unless the server administrator agree to the exchange of information.
    • It is forbidden using profanity or any other vulgar expressions. If you want someone or something to criticize, you can do it quite nicely and cultural without unnecessary profanity and swearing.
    • It is strictly forbidden to abuse on a national basis! The penalty is a direct ban from the forum.
    • It is forbidden to post any kind of pornographic-erotic content and placement of links to such content.

    The moderators reserve the right to:
    - carry out adjustments, adaptations or any other changes to the forum
    - remove obsolete messages
    - change or limit the functioning of the forum or any of its contents

    Those members who don't comply with the rules above rules will be appropriately sanctioned.

    Respecting the rules is mandatory, as well as the respecting all the members who come to the forum to participate in interesting discussions and to peaceful find the information they need.

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